About the blog…

Welcome to Perfectly Lucky! I am so glad you stopped by and hope you stay for awhile.

Perfectly Lucky has been residing in my heart and mind since May of 2014 during the time of a life-changing event, the day I became a Compassion International sponsor. This blog was created to not only share and document my journey, but to advocate for impoverished children, increase awareness, offer letter-writing tips and ideas to other sponsors, and share the knowledge I have learned from my research and experience.

While my journey revolves around Compassion International and Uganda, I hope this blog will strengthen relationships between sponsors and their children regardless of the organization they sponsor through or country their child resides in. Child sponsorship is such a beautiful gift.

I hope Perfectly Lucky can be a beneficial resource tool for current sponsors or those considering sponsorship, and a community for sponsors to encourage and offer ideas to others that have had their hearts touched by one of these special angels like my Lucky has touched mine.

About my inspiration…perfectly-lucky-about-inspiration

Meet Lucky. He is quite possibly the oldest and wisest 13 year old I have ever known. He is an orphan from a very rural Ugandan village that has a high risk of child exploitation and abuse. The area has also been greatly affected by HIV/AIDS. You would never know his unfortunate circumstances by reading the joy, peace, and love that is glaring in the words he writes to me. He takes his opportunity for education extremely seriously, and I am so proud to say he ranks in the top percentile of his class! Go Lucky! He teaches me about his farming adventures, enjoys playing football, loves Jesus and Bible study, and can make me laugh and cry within the same letter. He has a heart of gold and enriches my life through every letter I receive. God has big plans for this guy, and I am so honored to have the privilege of watching him accomplish all of his dreams.

About the person behind the keyboard….perfectly-lucky-about

My name is Keeli. I am a happily married mother of a sassy but sweet 4 year old princess and a smiley and social 1 year old little man. I am going on my 11th year of being an obedient servant to two drooly, wrinkly, lap-dog Basset Hounds. I am also a Compassion International sponsor to one extraordinarily special, Ugandan, young man whom you just met above. When I am not juggling the many hats and costume changes of the whirlwind called motherhood, or losing my vision, mind, or both from working with big data all day, I like to slip into my little, happy place that is Perfectly Lucky.

With Love,


I am not an employee or paid affiliate of Compassion International. The views and opinions expressed here are solely my own. If your heart leads you to sponsor a Compassion International child as a result of Perfectly Lucky, a monetary gift on behalf of Compassion International will be sent to my sponsored child who is the inspiration behind this blog, my dearest Lucky.