Secret Ingredients to Letter Writing

Want to know the top secret ingredients to writing quality letters to your sponsored child? Since I am here to help you strengthen your bond with your child and encourage your letter writing, I am happily going to share with you this classified information today.

The letter writing recipe I use is – centering my letters to Lucky around the four elements of Compassion’s holistic approach.

  • Spiritual
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Economic

Compassion has been releasing children from poverty since 1952 which makes me confident to say – they know what they are doing. There is a specific reason as to why they created their holistic approach and affiliated child development centers model their teaching and counseling with this method.

It works.

Secret Ingredients to Letter Writing

When you write your child, I encourage you to use one of the four elements as a general theme to each letter. You can also incorporate the other elements within the same letter. Having a prepared theme will help your writing tremendously and prevent writer’s block. Utilizing the holistic approach in your letters is going to compliment what your child is learning at his or her child development center.

These are some writing topics I use in order to touch on the four elements in my letters to Lucky:

Spiritual – Faith, morals, making right choices, prayer requests, Bible verses

Physical – Exercise, health, hygiene, sanitation, (Mental – confidence, inspiration, compliments)

Social – Friendship, life, family updates, personal stories, encourage community involvement

Economic – Education, income generating ideas, current events in the US and Uganda only if they are positive and can inspire his future, setting goals

* * * W R I T I N G   C H A L L E N G E * * *

On Monday, 3/28 I want you to write a letter to your child with a Spiritual theme. I am even going to give you exactly what to write about for the first day of the challenge to help you out.

Write about your Easter weekend.

HINT: Last Easter I taught Sunday School and used Resurrection Eggs to tell the story. In my letter to Lucky, I told him about the lesson, what the symbols stood for, and how excited the children would get when they opened their egg. I also attached a photo of the Resurrection Eggs to his letter so he had a visual. I referenced Mark 16:6, and included a prayer.

Look for this really cute and appropriate letter writing template online for your Easter (Spiritual) letter.

Then, you have until Sunday, 4/4 to write three more letters using the remaining themes. Challenge yourself to do this exercise for four consecutive weeks if you really want to improve your writing.

If four letters a week is too challenging, modify it. Try two holistic elements per week, or simply pick one element each week for four weeks and write to your child. Your letters do not have to be long. They can be short and simple.  No rules, except one.

The only rule is to let your heart write the letter.

If you accept my writing challenge, keep me posted in the comments section. I would love to hear about it! Feel free to share with other sponsors you know and take the challenge together. You can also print out the graphic I made above, cut it out, and tape it to your monitor or wherever is best to serve as a reminder.

Enjoy writing. Enjoy sponsorship.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Compassion Child


Congratulations! The day has finally come, prayers have been answered, and the life of a beautiful child is about to be forever changed as well as yours in the process.

Biological and adopted children do not come with manuals, and neither do sponsored children. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources to help guide you as you begin this amazing journey. Here is a great place to start.

After you have set up your online account, scoured the “Get to Know Your Child” section online, read every single blog post for new sponsors on Compassion’s blog (including the comments), framed your child’s photograph sent to you in your new sponsor packet (that you immediately ripped open upon sight), and placed the bookmark from the packet (you have read a few hundred times by this point) in your Bible reserving that perfect verse that reminds you of your child, what do you do next? Now what?

It’s simple.

Write. Your. First. Letter.

While you have all of this new, frenzied excitement and joy flowing through your veins, capture those feelings on paper or through an online letter template on Compassion’s website. There will be plenty of time later to write a formal, introduction letter so use this letter as a prologue.  Another thought is to write this letter now and wait to send it for a special occasion like your child’s birthday or a sponsorship anniversary.

Tell your child what led you to becoming a sponsor. Then, answer the one question that fills them to the brim with curiosity and burns inside their precious minds.

“Why did you choose me?”

Let this be the theme to your first letter. Whether the story of how you chose him or her can be told in one paragraph, a Bible verse, or an entire page is completely irrelevant. The importance is to speak from your heart so all of those special, intense feelings come through your words and practically jump off of the page and give your child the warmest, tightest embrace possible from millions of miles away.

A vulnerable child that has believed all of their life the lies poverty scolds at them, reading the words that someone chose them, values them, supports them, and most importantly LOVES them……….well, there is no price one can place on the results and benefits of that type of psychological healing on an impoverished child.

Do not hold any details back. I guarantee your child will savor every word, and the letter will be read over and over and over again until the paper is worn and faded which will not matter since by then, he or she will be able to recite the letter in its entirety as these first words you breathed life into are now imprinted on his or her hearts forever. This letter opens up a new chapter in your child’s life.

Their fairy tale starts now.